Security Operations Center

Cyber security

With cyber-threats being revealed everyday, it has become the premier challenging for IT organizations to meet business goals and keep up with timely and effective security requirements. In a lackluster economy, corporate budgets have been reduced and Security Professionals are pressed to do more than ever with less funding and resources. With the current high demand for IT Security Professionals, small and medium businesses are struggling to keep trained security personnel on staff for an extended period of time, as once trained staff members leave, knowledge goes with them and organizations are once again at risk. To help organizations overcome these challenges, Arminus is providing real-time Security Monitoring Solutions to its clients in our state of the art Security Operations Center located in the heart of NCR. We operate 24 x 7 x 365 to meet our clients' needs. Whether you would prefer a hosted or a co-managed solution, we believe in accommodating client needs, and our clients' needs come first.

Arminus MSS offerings-

  1. Endpoint Security Management
  2. Security Incident and Event Monitoring
  3. Mobile Device Management
  4. Vulnerability Management – Internal and External Scans
  5.  Web Application Security Scanning
  6. Incidence response and forensics services
  7.  Compliance monitoring and management
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